JW Bond Settles Into New Office

We have moved. March 13, 2006 was the first day in our new office. Everything did not go as smooth as we would have liked, but what move does? We have now been in our new office for over a week and are settling in quite nicely. Our new location is three times as large as the previous one. For those who do not know, our new contact information is as follows:

JW Bond Consultants, Inc.
6023A Kellers Church Road
Pipersville, PA 18947
P: (215) 766-1990 F: (215) 766-1225

The move was absolutely necessary due to the growth our company has experienced over the past 2 years. In two years, our staff has grown by 60%. Our increased volume is due to our exclusive bond programs and service we pride ourselves on. Some of the programs we offer save our clients thousands in premium every year. Our service is the fastest in the industry, we even offer online approvals for some classes of business.

Usually, the Surety Bond Blog is used to inform our clients on suretyship. We try to keep from making it a drawn out commercial for our agency. However, this post is an exception, as we are so pleased with our staff and the growth we have achieved in such a short period of time. You can rest assure, that this blog will continue to be used to educate the public on suretyship. I had to make one post about our success due to the pride we have in our service.

Eric is the Chief Marketing Officer of JW Surety Bonds. With years of experience in the surety industry, he is also a contributing author to the surety bond blog. He has held a range of different roles within the surety industry, from agent assistant to bond issuer, which gives him a unique insider perspective on surety related topics.

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