In-Cab New Technology Can Improve Truck Drivers Work Routine

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Currently, only 17% of U.S. truck drivers are under 35. The only way to lure more younger drivers into the industry is to offer them the same handheld technology and connectivity that they enjoy in their private life, according to the in-cab technology provider AirClic.

Similar companies expect the need and demand for new technology in the trucking industry to increase drastically in the near future.

It’s essential for drivers to be able to operate gadgets or phones similar to the ones they use in their everyday life, said an AirClic representative. The investment is worth it, because then employees will be able to do their job better, and the learning curve regarding new technology will be significantly reduced. Not only that, but drivers will deal with less paperwork and be able to re-route faster and more efficiently.

A mobile device specifically designed for truck drivers will help with reconciliations of returns, tracking orders and signature captures, said from AirClic. 

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