Built to last: Online branding tips for contractors

When you develop your business in the construction field, it’s often easy to slip into the illusion that you don’t need to do much in terms of online representation as the essence of your work is outdoors and a very practical one.

The reality of today’s interconnected world is that this is not true. Even contractors need to have a tangible internet presence if they want to reach higher. Creating your company’s online signature is easier than you imagine, yet it is crucial for your placement in the business world. There are a few key tips to follow when going down that road.


Graphic design and website development

The most important things to start with are your brand logo and consistent design system, the design of your website and email signature. They should all be coherent and present a unified picture of your company. This creates a strong image of your activity and allows your customers to recognize you and associate you with a certain color scheme and imagery, thus building trust and familiarity over time.

A good example is the website and logo of Martins Construction Corp. With a clean and color-coordinated design, the site is both informative and promotes their services, yet it remains unobtrusive and readable with a few carefully selected visual elements. The logo is stylish and memorable, especially because it is an unlikely choice for a construction company.


A professional approach in the creation of your website will greatly benefit your authenticity in your clients’ eyes. Important points to cover are how your business functions and why it will satisfy your clients’ needs better than anybody else. It is useful also to make sure that the website’s Search Engine Optimization is done properly so that people actually find your company in the myriad of options online.


Your business in the social media

Building your online presence begins with setting up profiles of your company in the social networks, and Facebook and Twitter are indispensable. If nobody heard about it, it’s like it has not happened. That’s why communicating your work and successes is crucial. Being active on social media gives you another advantage as well – that of receiving direct feedback and thus being able to quickly adapt to your customers’ needs. Creating a conversation with your clients is the best as it is engaging and gives them freedom and the feeling of involvement with your brand.

A great example of active social media presence and customer engagement are the Facebook and Twitter profiles of Joel & Co Construction. On top of having a stylish and minimalistic website design, quite unusual for the construction field, they are also functioning well in the online networks with regular posts and visuals about their remodeling and building projects.


Starting a blog for your construction company is also a great idea but you should keep in mind that it should be maintained regularly in order to build a stable audience. Going further, you can establish your name in more specific circles like construction forums and websites, which is always helpful in terms of positioning your brand. Guest blogging in construction-specific websites, for example, is quite beneficial because you can offer your expert opinions and thus raise the profile of your business as you show leadership and authority in the field.


Built to last

Putting a bit of effort and keeping a consistent level in your online branding is guaranteed to bring long-standing results for your construction business. Not only will it bring more traffic to your website and thus more leads, it will also develop a positive and strong image of your company. This in turn will help you in establishing a trustworthy relationship with your clients.

In today’s construction world you have to manage a million details – administrative procedures and legal agreements, insurance and surety bonds, public project bidding and subcontractors’ relations. Taking care of your online presence is, indeed, one extra detail, but one that can bring huge benefits and develop your construction company into a strong brand.

Eric is the Chief Marketing Officer of JW Surety Bonds. With years of experience in the surety industry, he is also a contributing author to the surety bond blog. He has held a range of different roles within the surety industry, from agent assistant to bond issuer, which gives him a unique insider perspective on surety related topics.


John Paul Joseph,LLC

Thank you for this well written article. I have recently started putting your advise to action and expect to target a "Very Specific" target market. The market I only want to capture. I have copied the info for the bonding and WILL call when the new year starts for me. Great article and honestly, I hope no one else in my area follows your advise so I can still be the only company with a presence !!!


Thanks a lot for the feedback, John!
We are really happy that you find it useful and we hope our advice will help you win more clients.


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