Broker Bonds

Searching online for a surety bond can be a confusing mess for anyone new to suretyship. You will notice that you will often find irrelevant information from state websites or sometimes you will simply stumble upon an agencies site that is too confusing to navigate. That is why it is very important to be as specific as possible when searching for anything, especially when it comes to surety bonding.

For instance, a broker bond can refer to several different bond types such as:

The problem comes when an agency advertises that they can write a broker bond, but never specify what type. Any bond agent knows that an ICC Bond requires much stronger financials than a mortgage broker bond.

In the current market many agencies can not place Transportation Broker Bonds, let alone without collateral. However, an agency that can place one bond type can not neccessarily place another.

When searching online be as specific as possible so you can find an agency that is specifically advertising for a specific bond type that they have good markets for.