Auto Sales Flat in February for Third Straight Month: Is Weather to Blame?

Cars stuck in the snow Photo credit: ChrisGoldNY / Foter / CC BY-NC


Vehicle inventories are growing – but auto sales are certainly not increasing. The trend can be seen since December 2013, when sales remain flat, then fell in January and will most probably be flat in February.

Both GM and Ford report that their sales fell in December last year, and are expected to fall in February as well.

The main reason for the negative results seem to be the harsh winter weather. Another factor for auto sales numbers are the stock market fluctuations.

Still, there is no reason for pessimism. The auto sales for 2014 are expected to increase, but not at the same rate as in 2012 and 2013. Naturally, with the crisis earlier in the 2000s, the first years after it are the strongest in growth. Upward movement in sales is still expected after the cold winter turns into milder weather.

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