Arizona Flood Protection Facility Performance Bond

ArizonaSB1289, enacted on April 28, 2008 and made effective October 10, 2008, created flood protection districts and a Board of Directors for each district to construct flood protection facilities. The new law states that performance and payment bonds are required for any construction, and clarifies the process for claims against the performance and payment bonds. The surety has 60 days to act upon a contractor found to be in default by the board or the board may re-let the contract. If the costs to complete the project surpass the finances available for payment, the defaulting contractor’s surety has 20 days after mailing of the notice to satisfy the board’s demand for payment of the difference. This demand cannot be more then the penal sum of the bond, and monies must be used to pay for the costs of completing the work. Delivery of writ may be served on the Surety’s principal office or it’s Attorney-In-Fact. If there is no office or Attorney-In-Fact, it may be service on the insurance commissioner.

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