3,300 jobs added in trucking in March

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The monthly report by the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics shows promising employment increase in the for-hire trucking. 3,300 jobs were added only in March.

Employment in for-hire trucking ended up at 1,3934 million jobs in March. This signifies an increase of 24,500 jobs or 1.8% since March last year. It’s a jump of 159,400 jobs since March 2010, which was the lowest point during the recession. The employment numbers are still 4.3% lower than the levels before the crisis.

While the national unemployment stays at the same level, 6.7%, there were 192,000 new jobs added last month in the non-farm sectors in general. More jobs were added in construction, retail trade, services, education, health and hospitality. Manufacturing lost 1,000 employees, while the government hiring remained the same.

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