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Appeal Bonds (Supersedeas Bonds)

Definition: A court surety bond that guarantees the appealing party will have funds available in the event the court orders them to pay the winning party. This can also be called a supersedeas bond.

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  • What does an appeal bond cost?
  • It is a percentage of the bond amount. Costs will vary depending on the applicant's financial strength and the circumstances surrounding the case.

    Most appeal bond approval terms require 100% collateral. Collateral can be waived for exceptionally strong accounts (e.g. Fortune 500 companies). You can get a general range of costs or you can apply and get an exact price online.

  • Can I get approved with no collateral?
  • Yes. However, only if you are able to demonstrate significant financial strength (e.g. Fortune 500 companies).

  • What is the process?
  • Fill out the application on our website, submit any court related documents concerning the case, sign the indemnity agreement, make payment & post collateral (if necessary) and we can get you a bond in a matter of days.

  • Do you handle criminal court appeal bonds?
  • No. We do not write appeal bonds relating to criminal matters.

  • Where can I get an appeal bond form?
  • You need to obtain it from the court requiring the bond. If the court says they do not have a bond form, request a copy of one that they have accepted in the past. Should all else fail, we have generic bond forms that can be utilized as a last resort.

  • Do you write federal appeal bonds?
  • Yes. You can fill out our appeal bond application on our website and get approved for a federal appeal bond.

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Tiffany Alexander (Sat, 21 Jan 2012 15:17:52 -0500): My Friend was granted an appeal bond for 200,000 dollars out of Dallas County and I am trying to get him out. What can I do? I contacted a bail bonds men and they could not help me.

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