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Supply Bonds

Definition: A contract surety bond that guarantees materials will be delivered according to the contract.

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  • What do supply bonds cost?
  • Premiums are typically included in the performance bond costs. Standalone supply bond costs are a percentage of the contract amount. We have an online estimate tool if you want to get a range of costs. You will need to complete an online application if you want to determine precise supply bond costs.

  • Where can I get a supply bond form?
  • We have the standard AIA supply bond forms on file which most obligees use. The obligee may have their own special bond form with their own bond language; in which case you need to obtain it from them.

  • Can I get a bond for a new business?
  • Yes. We have credit based programs available for smaller contracts which allow new businesses to obtain contract bonding. However, this is not possible for larger contracts unless the owner(s) have substantial equity within the company and an impressive resume of past experience.

  • Will the supply bond guarantee installation?
  • No. They specifically exclude the guarantee of any installation. They only guarantee the supply of materials and goods.

  • I also need a performance bond. Do I need a separate application?
  • Only if you need a standalone supply bond. You do not need a separate application if it is required alongside a performance and payment bond.

  • Why do you look at my personal credit?
  • To determine your likelihood of triggering claims and your ability to pay them. This is important, as surety bonds are a form of credit to you, not insurance. Sureties will look to you for reimbursement on any legitimate claims.

  • What if I have a false claim filed against me?
  • It is your obligation to provide proof to the surety that the claim is false. It is always a good idea to document any disputes to ensure a proper paper trail to defend your actions.

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Herbert Stahl (Fri, 11 Apr 2014 15:55:26 -0400): Is a payment bond the same a I supply bondJW Surety Bonds (Mon, 14 Apr 2014 10:44:32 -0400): Herbert, Thank you for your question. Payment bonds guarantee payment to subcontractors and suppliers while supply bonds ensure that materials will be provided according to the contract. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact our Contract Bond Department at 1-888-592-6631. Our licensed specialists will be able to help you with all your contract bonding questions.

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