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Ultimate Guide To The $75K Bond Increase

FMCSA confirms you must obtain a $75K bond by Oct. 1st.

Below you will find resources explaining how to remain compliant. For general freight broker bond FAQ's and information, please visit our general freight broker bond page.


FMCSA Revokes 1,900+ Freight Broker Authorities

Authority revocations started as of 12/1

FMCSA Sends Final Warning To Brokers

1,000+ brokers received notices of investigation on 11/1/2013

Thousands of Brokers File A $75K Bond

Government shutdown does not affect the filings for 10/1

Carriers Requiring $75K Bond Of Brokers By Oct. 1st To Do Business

Continue to transact business with carriers

Why You Need Your $75,000 Bond Before FMCSA Deadline

Don't wait and be forced to post 100% collateral

FMCSA Sends Out Revocation of Authority Letters

The FMCSA has sent out notices. What do you need to do?

FMCSA Confirms Oct 1st & Increases Compliance Staff

Now is the most important time to get a bond

Freight Forwarders Need A $75K Bond

Learn how to continue brokering business

$75K Freight Broker Bond Update

The latest update on the $75K increase

Freight Broker Bond Increases to $75K October 1, 2013

What you need to know about the $75K bond increase


Brokers Must Apply By 11/25 To Guarantee $75K Bond By Deadline

Despite the compliance window ending on 12/1, brokers should apply now

Broker Bond Program Too Good To Be True?

Some have said our bond offering is too good to be true.

Comparison of Freight Broker Bond & Trust Options

Find which option best fits your needs

How To Offset Your $75K Bond Costs In Full

There are many hidden costs

Pitfalls of Funding BMC-85 Trusts With Letters of Credit

Don't hurt your credit and ability to obtain loans in the future

Surety Bond Proposal May Leave Freight Brokers Jobless

The increased bond requirement would leave many jobless; until now