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Telemarketing Surety Bond

Definition: A retail & professional services license bond that ensures telemarketers abide by the laws of their state (e.g. the Do-Not-Call registry). This bond is needed for telemarketers to obtain their license.

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  • What does a telemarketing bond cost?
  • It is a percentage of the bond amount. The costs vary greatly depending on the risk to the surety. With literally thousands of bond requirements and each account being unique, there is no way to provide a simple answer without gathering information on you and the bond you need.

    If you just need an idea of costs, you can use our quick estimate tool. However, if you want to know precisely what it will cost you, our website will provide you an online quote in minutes.

  • What is the process from start to finish?
  • Apply and get approved online, sign the indemnity agreement, pay on our website and we will ship the bond out to you.

  • Do I need a bond in every state I call?
  • It depends on the state. You need separate bonds for all states you call that have a telemarketing bond requirement. However, not all states require this bond.

    Look for your states of operation in our state requirement list below. If your states are absent from the list, contact the states you solicit directly to be certain of requirements as legislation may have changed.

  • Can I get licensed in all 50 states?
  • Yes. However, not all surety agencies can provide you with the surety credit limit needed to become licensed in all states. JW Surety Bonds is licensed nationwide and can offer higher surety credit limits than most, allowing you to get bonded from California to Florida.

  • How do I avoid claims?
  • Make sure you are familiar with and follow the regulations in the states you call. Watch our video to find out more about bond claims.

  • Why do I need a bond for my business?
  • It is usually required to get a telemarketing license. Also, the large amount of telemarketing laws makes the bond important as it guarantees you will follow them.

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Telemarketing/Professional Solicitor Bond State Requirements


Filter by state
Alabama Telemarketing Bond Bond Office of the Attorney General, Consumer Protection $50K, Rev 09/11 APPLY NOW
Alabama Telemarketing Bond Office of the Attorney General Section 8-19A-1 APPLY NOW
Alabama Telemarketing Bond Bond Office of the Attorney General, Consumer Protectio $50K, Rev 09/11 APPLY NOW
Arizona Telephone Solicitation Bond Attorney General $100K, A.R.S. 44-1274 APPLY NOW
Arkansas Telephonic Seller Bond Office of the Attorney General $50K APPLY NOW
California Telephonic Seller Bond Bond Attorney General's Office $100K, JUS 8775 Rev. 8/07 APPLY NOW
Delaware Telemarketing Registration and Fraud Prevention Act Telemarketing Company Bond Director Of The Consumer Protection Unit Of The DE $50K APPLY NOW
Florida Telemarketing Bond Bond Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services APPLY NOW
Georgia Charitable Solicitations Act Paid Solicitor Registration Paid Solicitor Bond Georgia Secretary of State Form S100D Rev. 4/14/2004, $10K APPLY NOW
Hawaii Telemarketing/Phone Solicitor Bond Department of the Attorney General - Tax Division Form AGTAX-3 Rev. 6-01 $25K APPLY NOW
Illinois Professional Fund Raiser Bond IL Office of the Attorney General Form CS-6 Revised 3/05 APPLY NOW
Kentucky Professional Solicitor Bond State of Kentucky Attorney General $25K APPLY NOW
Kentucky Telemarketing Company Bond Bond Attorney General $50K APPLY NOW
Louisiana Professional Solicitor Bond Louisiana Dept of Justice $25K APPLY NOW
Maine Transient Seller of Consumer Merchandise Bond Bond OFFICE OF PROFESSIONAL AND OCCUPATIONAL REGULATION $10K APPLY NOW
Maryland Surety Bond for Professional Solicitors & Public Safety Solicitors Bond State of Maryland, Office of the Secretary of Stat $25K APPLY NOW
Massachusetts Bond for Professional Solicitors and Commerical Co-Venturers Bond The Commonwealth of MA - Office of the Attorney General Form 9 Rev. (09/10) $25K APPLY NOW
Mississippi No Call Program Bond Mississippi Public Service Commission $50K APPLY NOW
New Hampshire Charitable Solicitor Bond State of New Hampshire PFR-7 (6345-1.doc) (07/09/96), $20K APPLY NOW
New Mexico Professional Fundraiser Bond New Mexico - Office of the Attorney General $25K, 57-22 APPLY NOW
New York Telemarketing Bond Bond Department of State, Division of Licensing DOS 1536-a (Rev. 3/13) APPLY NOW
Ohio Telephone Solicitor Bond Ohio Attorney General 12/18/00 APPLY NOW
Ohio Bond for Professional Solicitor Bond Charitable Law 02/08 APPLY NOW
Oklahoma Telemarketing Bond Office of The Attorney General (OAG FORM BDI-7/11), $10K APPLY NOW
Pennsylvania Telemarketing Bond Bond Department of State APPLY NOW
Pennsylvania BOND - FORM BCO-160 Bond Department of State $25K (Rev.1-03) APPLY NOW
Rhode Island Professional Solicitor or Fund Raising Counsel Bond Dept of Business Regulation (BOND.FRM 10/97) APPLY NOW
Rhode Island Telemarketer Solicitation Bond Dept of Attorney General, Consumer Protection Unit $30K, RIGL 5-61-3.1 APPLY NOW
South Carolina Professional Solicitor's Bond State of South Carolina $15K Rev. October 2010 APPLY NOW
Texas Telephone Solicitation Bond Office of Attorney General $10K, Form #3403 APPLY NOW
Texas Commercial Telephone Solicitor Bond Charitable Trust Section Consumer Protection Division $50K, TDI-98-BB155-PF APPLY NOW
Texas Public Safety Organization, Independent Promoter Bond Texas - Office of Attorney General $10K, Form #3206 APPLY NOW
Utah Telemarketing/Phone Solicitor Surety Bond Office of The Attorney General 06/2010 APPLY NOW
Virginia Professional Solicitor Form 105 Bond Dept of Agriculture & Consumer Affairs OCRP-105 Revised 10/12 APPLY NOW
West Virginia Office of Telemarketing Registration Corporate Bond Secretary Tax and Revenue, W VA Dept. of Tax & R APPLY NOW
West Virginia Prof. Fund-Raising Counsels & Prof. Solicitors Bond Secretary of State $10K, 29-19-9 APPLY NOW

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