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Sales Tax Bonds

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  • How much will a sales tax bond cost?
  • It is a percentage of the bond amount. Prices vary significantly depending on the risk to the surety and the specific bond requirement. Use our estimate tool to get an idea of costs. If you are ready to purchase a bond, you can apply on our website and get an exact price online.

  • What is the process?
  • Apply online, get approved instantly, sign the indemnity agreement, pay on our website and we will send the bond to you.

  • Do all states require a sales tax revenue bond?
  • No; however, many states do. View our state requirements list below. If your state is not listed, it is wise to contact it directly as requirements can change.

  • Where can I get a sales use tax bond form?
  • We have forms on file; a list of which is provided below. If you do not see your bond, you need to obtain the bond form from the obligee.

  • How is the bond amount calculated?
  • It is generally based on the business' location and dollar amount of sales. You need to determine the bond amount with the specific government department requiring the bond of you; many now have calculators on their websites to help you determine the bond amount you must post.

  • Still have questions? See our Education Center or ask us now!

How Much Do Sales Tax Bonds Cost?

The price is a portion of the bond amount, which can vary depending on the owner's personal credit, as well as personal and business financials. Smaller sales tax bond costs are based strictly on personal credit, while larger sales tax bonds require the additional review of personal and business financials. You can use our tool to get a quick estimate, or apply on our website to get a precise quote.

What Is A Sales Tax Bond?

It is a guarantee that sellers of goods, such as retail and convenience store owners, will properly account for and pay required taxes to the government. If the required taxes are not paid, a claim can be filed on the bond which the surety will pay initially; however, they will go back to the bond holder for reimbursement.

Definition: A miscellaneous bond that ensures merchants selling goods will account for and pay any required taxes to the government. Sales tax bonds are also commonly referred to as sales and use tax bonds.

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Which Sales Tax Bond Do I Need?

The type of sales tax bond needed will vary by the type of goods being sold, and the state in which the business operates.

A general sales and use tax bond is needed to sell goods other than alcohol, fuel or tobacco. You can apply for these bonds and get an instant approval online. Whether or not the state requirement will be satisfied with a general sales tax bond will vary among states, as each has unique bond requirements. Take a look at our state bond requirement list below. It is also wise to contact your state directly to determine any bond requirements, as these may be modified without notification.

In order to sell tobacco, fuel or alcohol, separate sales tax bonds are required, which are tobacco tax bonds, fuel tax bonds and alcohol tax bonds respectively. These bonds also guarantee taxes will be paid to the government.

Sales Tax Bond State Requirements


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Alaska Tax Liability Bond Bond Municipality Of Anchorage APPLY NOW
Alaska Room Tax Liability Bond Bond Municipality Of Anchorage APPLY NOW
California Sales, Use & Consumer Tax Bond Bond State Board of Equalization APPLY NOW
California User of Fuel Bond Bond State Board Of Equalization BOE-127 Rev. 9 (4-97) APPLY NOW
California Bond of Seller Bond State Board of Equalization BOE-445 REV. 10 (10-93) APPLY NOW
Colorado Retail Mariana License Bond Bond Dept of Revenue, Marijuana Enforcement Division DR 8519 (09/19/13), $5K APPLY NOW
Colorado City & County of Denver Retail Marijuana License Bond Bond City and County of Denver TD-RMJ 100 (9/2013) $20K APPLY NOW
Colorado Medical Marijuana License Bond Bond City & County of Denver TD-MMJ 100 (6/2011), $5K APPLY NOW
Colorado (City of Lafayette, CO) Retail Marijuana License Bond Bond City of Lafayette APPLY NOW
Colorado Medical Marijuana License Bond Department of Revenue DR 8524 (09/24/13), $5K APPLY NOW
Florida Sales and Use Tax Bond Bond Florida Department of Revenue DR-17B, N. 06/07 APPLY NOW
Mississippi Sales Tax Bond Department of Revenue Form 72-901-11 APPLY NOW
Missouri Sales & Use Tax Bond Bond Missouri Dept of Revenue & Taxation Division Form 331 (Revised 08-2013) APPLY NOW
North Dakota Sales and Tax Permit Bond Office of the State Tax Commissioner SFN 59903 (Rev. 5-2011) APPLY NOW
South Dakota South Dakota Department of Revenue & Regulation Uniform Surety Bond South Dakota Department Of Revenue and Regulations SD EForm - 1780 V2 Revised 08/08 APPLY NOW
Texas Customs Broker Bond Texas State Comptroller 01-147 (9-03) APPLY NOW
Texas Continuous Bond of Seller (Sales Tax) Bond Dept. of Licensing 01-752 (Rev.9-13/7) APPLY NOW
Texas Customs Broker Bond TX Dept. of Licensing 01-147 (9-09) APPLY NOW
Texas Combative Sports Bond For Gross Receipts Tax Bond TX Dept of Licensing and Regulation TDLR Form BOX006 2-06 APPLY NOW
Utah Sales Tax Bond Bond Utah State Tax Commission TC-763ST.ai Rev, 10/05 APPLY NOW
Vermont BOND TO STATE OF VERMONT Bond State of Vermont Dept Taxes $35K APPLY NOW
Virginia Meal Tax Bond Bond City of Portsmouth (Corporation) APPLY NOW
Virginia (City Of Norfolk) Meal Tax Bond Bond City Of Norfolk (Corporation) APPLY NOW
Virginia Food & Beverage Tax Bond Bond City of Hampton APPLY NOW
Virginia Meal Tax Bond Bond City of Portsmouth Commissioner of the Revenue (Individual/Partnership) APPLY NOW
Virginia Tax Bond Bond Virginia Dept of Taxation APPLY NOW
Virginia Meal Tax Bond (LLC) Bond City of Norfolk APPLY NOW
Wisconsin Sales & Use Tax Bond Wisconsin Dept of Revenue S-202 (R. 8-98) APPLY NOW

Kathy Rybicki (Tue, 29 Oct 2013 14:50:12 -0400): If I am considering opening an in home business selling software, I need a Seller's permit. Will I also need a sales tax bond in CA? JW Surety Bonds (Wed, 30 Oct 2013 11:24:06 -0400): Kathy, Thank you for your email. We can offer sales tax bonds if one is required. We suggest you contact your state to answer this question. You may also want to ask if a Bond of Seller is required in California. You can apply directly on our website for either bond at https://www.jwsuretybonds.com/protools.htm. Please let us know if you need further assistance.

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