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Public Adjuster Bonds

Definition: A finance license bond that guarantees public adjusters will follow the regulations set by their state. The bond is needed to obtain a public adjuster license.

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  • What does a public adjuster bond cost?
  • Premiums are a portion of the bond amount. If you are interested in a rough idea of pricing, you can use our estimate tool. If you are ready to purchase a bond, you can get an instant quote online.

  • What is the application process?
  • Apply and get approved online, sign the indemnity agreement, pay on our website and we will ship the bond to you.

  • Does this bond protect me?
  • No. It protects the public. If you are seeking protection for you or your company, contact a property & casualty insurance agent for coverage.

  • What should I do if a false claim is filed?
  • You will need to contact the surety company's claims department and provide proof that the claim is false. Watch our video to learn more about claims.

  • Does every state require a bond?
  • No. Numerous states do not have a public adjuster bond requirement. You can take a look at our state requirement list below to see if there is a bond required in your state.

    If you do not see a bond requirement in your state, it is still a good idea to contact the state to see if a new requirement has come about, as new legislation is always being written.

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Public Adjuster Bond State Requirements


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California Bond of Public Insurance Adjuster Bond State of California LIC 94A (Rev 8/07) $20K APPLY NOW
Colorado Public Adjusters Bond Bond Colorado Division of Insurance $20K APPLY NOW
District of Columbia Public Insurance Adjusters Bond Bond Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking $20K, Form: IB-01-001-6/09 APPLY NOW
Florida Public Adjuster's Bond Florida Department of Financial Services $50K, DFS-H2-72, Revised 09/07 APPLY NOW
Georgia Public Adjuster Bond Georgia Insurance Commissioner $5K APPLY NOW
Hawaii Public Adjuster Bond Bond Hawaii Insurance Division APPLY NOW
Idaho Bond Of Public Adjuster Bond Idaho Department of Insurance Bond PA-2 (7-2008) $20K APPLY NOW
Louisiana Public Adjusters Bond Department of Insurance Rev. 110209 APPLY NOW
Minnesota Public Adjuster Surety Bond Bond Department of Commerce $10K APPLY NOW
Mississippi Public Adjuster Bond Mississippi Department of Insurance $50K APPLY NOW
New Jersey Public Adjuster Bond State of NJ Dept. of Banking & Insurance LP 1/2007 APPLY NOW
New Mexico Insurance Adjusters Surety Bond New Mexico Public Regulatory Commission Licensing Revised November 2011 APPLY NOW
New York Adjusters Bond NY Insurance Department - Licensing Bureau (Rev. 10/11), $1K APPLY NOW
North Carolina Public Adjuster Insurance Bond North Carolina Dept of Insurance BOND-PA (March 10, 2010) APPLY NOW
Ohio Public Insurance Adjuster Bond Ohio Superintendent of Insurance $1K, INS3214 (Rev. 09/2012) APPLY NOW
Oklahoma Public Adjuster's Bond Bond State of Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner Revised 09/99 APPLY NOW
Pennsylvania Public Adjuster Bond Pennsylvania Insurance Department (09/03/04) APPLY NOW
Tennessee Public Adjusters Bond TN Department of Commerce $50K APPLY NOW
Texas Public Insurance Adjuster Bond Bond Texas Department of Insurance $10k LHL 256 Rev. 03/2010 APPLY NOW

Sammy Chon (Thu, 23 May 2013 13:53:31 -0400): if I get a bond today.. is there an electronic delivery option immediately and the paper version via mail later?

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