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Florida Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

A $25,000 motor vehicle dealer bond is required in Florida for independent dealers to obtain the license needed to sell used vehicles at retail or wholesale.

What Does A Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond Cost?

Pricing is a percentage of the $25,000 bond amount, which is determined using the dealer's personal credit. You can try our tool and get a rough cost estimate. If you want to know exact costs, you can apply to get an instant approval and pay for your bond online.

How Many Bonds Do You Need?

There are different bonds required by Florida to sell various vehicles which protect the public. There are also bonds that are not required by the state which can protect your business or customers.

Florida Dealer Bond Requirements

Auto dealers who want to sell used vehicles must get a motor vehicle dealer bond in Florida. There are other bonds required to sell other vehicles such as recreational vehicles, mobile homes or ships. You can find our full list of bond requirements on the Florida auto dealer bond page.

Protect Your Dealership With Fidelity Bonds

To protect your business or customers from employee dishonesty such as theft, fidelity bonds can be used. An employee dishonesty fidelity bond protects your dealership from your own employees. A business service fidelity bond protects your customers from dishonest employees. If you would like to learn more visit our fidelity bond section.

What Is The Bond's Purpose?

Florida motor vehicle dealer bonds protect the public, not you or your dealership. They ensure you will follow the state laws and license terms while selling used vehicles. If you want to learn more about auto dealer bonds, please visit our general auto dealer bond page.

What Is The Bonding Process?

Each state has its own bonding process and requirements. To ensure you meet all the requirements of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, read the steps below:

For a detailed guide on getting licensed, read our Florida dealer license guide.

Apply for a motor vehicle dealer bond and get an instant bond quote.

Sign the indemnity agreement, provide payment and we will send your bond to you.

Can I Get A Bond With Bad Credit?

Yes, our agency has bond markets available that allow auto dealers with credit issues to get bonded. Apply to get an approval and pay for your bond in minutes. Watch our video to find out how you can save time and money by choosing the right bond agency.

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