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California Wholesale Dealer Bond

A $10,000 wholesale dealer bond is required in California to obtain a wholesale license and sell vehicles to other dealers or wholesalers, which includes motorcycle and all-terrain dealers.

How Much Does A Wholesale Dealer Bond Cost?

Price is a percentage of the $10,000 surety bond amount, which is based on personal credit of the dealer. You can get a cost estimate, or you can apply to get an approval instantly.

How Many Bonds Do You Need?

This will vary by who you intend to sell vehicles to, and whether you want protection for your dealership or customers.

California Dealer Bond Requirements

Auto dealers who want to get a wholesale license allowing them to sell vehicles to other dealers and wholesalers in California need to get a wholesale dealer bond. If you want to sell vehicles to the public as well, you must get a different surety bond called a retail dealer bond.

Protect Your Business With Fidelity Bonds

In order to protect your clients or dealership from employee dishonesty such as theft, you need fidelity bonds. An employee dishonesty bond will protect your dealership from your own employees. A business service fidelity bond protects your customers from dishonest employees. For more detailed information visit our fidelity bond hub.

What Is The Bond's Purpose?

California wholesale dealer bonds protect the public, not your dealership. They guarantee you will follow the terms of the wholesale license and follow state laws while selling vehicles to dealers and wholesalers. If you have other general questions about auto dealer bonds, visit our auto dealer bond page.

What Is The Bonding Process?

Each state department has their own applications and process. Please follow the steps below to ensure you operate your dealership legally:

For detailed information on getting a wholesale dealer license, use our California wholesale dealer license guide.

Apply for a wholesale dealer bond and get an instant quote.

Sign the indemnity agreement, provide payment and we will ship your bond to you.

Can I Get A Bond With Bad Credit?

Yes, due to our large number of surety company partners, we can approve you for a wholesale dealer bond with credit issues. You can apply to get approved instantly.

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