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Which Surety Bond in Vermont Do You Need?

There are three types of surety bonds that can be required of you:

It’s important you understand how surety bonds work and that you're responsible to pay claims in full, which makes it important that you find a bond company that will defend you from claims.

Find Your Surety Bond

Vermont Agent to Sell Spirituous Liquors Bond Vermont Dept of Liquor Control Montpelier Apply
Vermont BOND TO STATE OF VERMONT State of Vermont Dept Taxes Montpelier Apply
Vermont Investment Advisor Bond Department of Financial Regulation Montpelier Apply
Vermont Loan Servicer Bond Commissioner of Banking & Insurance Montpelier Apply
Vermont Mortgage Broker Bond Commisioner of Banking, Insurance, Securities and Health Care Administration Montpelier Apply
Vermont Mortgage Lender Bond Commissioner of Banking & Insurance Montpelier Apply
Vermont Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond VT DOT - Agency of Transportation Montpelier Apply
Vermont Tobacco Manufacturer Bond State of Vermont Montpelier Apply
Vermont Town of Highgate, VT Pawn Shop Bond Town of Highgate Highgate Center Apply
Freight Broker Bond (BMC-84) FMCSA N/A Apply
Auto Dealer Bond (motor vehicle dealer bond) Varies Varies Apply
Contractor License Bond Varies Varies Apply
Mechanics Lien Bond Varies Varies Apply
Customs Bond CBP N/A Apply
Health Club Bond Varies Varies Apply
Medicare/Medicaid Bond (DMEPOS) Varies Varies Apply
Insurance Broker Bond Varies Varies Apply
Public Adjuster Bond Varies Varies Apply
Surplus Lines Broker Bond Varies Varies Apply
Title Agency Bond Varies Varies Apply
Mortgage Broker Bond Varies Varies Apply
Mortgage Lender Bond Varies Varies Apply
Vehicle Title Bond (bonded title) Varies Varies Apply
Reclamation Bond Varies Varies Apply
Alcohol/Liquor Bond Varies Varies Apply
Brewers Bond Varies Varies Apply
CPEO Bond (Certified Professional Employer Organization) IRS N/A Apply
Collection Agency Bond Varies Varies Apply
Fuel Tax Bond Varies Varies Apply
Funeral Bond Varies Varies Apply
Immigration Consultant Bond Varies Varies Apply
Lottery Bond Varies Varies Apply
Marijuana Surety Bond Varies Varies Apply
Private School Bond Varies Varies Apply
Process Server Bond Varies Varies Apply
Public Official Bond Varies Varies Apply
Money Transmitter Bond Varies Varies Apply
Sales Tax Bond Varies Varies Apply
Small Loan Companies Bond Varies Varies Apply
Telemarketing Bond Varies Varies Apply
Tobacco Bond Varies Varies Apply
ARC Bond ARC N/A Apply
Travel Agency Bond Varies Varies Apply
Union Bond Varies Varies Apply
Utility Bond Varies Varies Apply
Business Service Bond (Fidelity Bond) N/A N/A Apply
Employee Dishonesty Bond (Fidelity Bond) N/A N/A Apply
Janitorial & Cleaning Bond (Fidelity Bond) N/A N/A Apply
Financial Institution Bond (Fidelity Bond) N/A N/A Apply
ERISA Bond Employee Retirement Income Security Act N/A Apply
Bid Bond (Contract Bond) Varies N/A Apply
Performance Bond (Contract Bond) Varies N/A Apply
Payment Bond (Contract Bond) Varies N/A Apply
Supply Bond (Contract Bond) Varies N/A Apply
Maintenance Bond (Warranty Bond) Varies N/A Apply
Subdivision Bond Varies N/A Apply
Bankruptcy Trustee Bond (Court Bond) Court Requirement N/A Apply
Fiduciary Bond (Probate Bond) Court Requirement N/A Apply
Guardian Bond (Court Bond) Court Requirement N/A Apply
Injunction Bond (Court Bond) Court Requirement N/A Apply
Receiver Bond (Court Bond) Court Requirement N/A Apply
Supersedeas Bond (Appeal Bond) Court Requirement N/A Apply
Replevin Bond (Court Bond) Court Requirement N/A Apply
bonds found

    Getting License and Permit Bonds

    Vermont requires license and permit bonds in order to get and file licenses/permits for many different professions. You can find the full list of license and permit bonds required by using our bond requirement search tool.

    Getting Contract Bonds for Jobs

    Contract bonds such as bid and performance bonds are needed to work on public construction projects. However, these are usually required by cities or municipalities as opposed to the state. You can learn more about what’s needed to get surety bonds for construction projects.

    Getting Court Bonds in Vermont

    Court bonds aren’t needed as often as the bonds mentioned above, but can be required by the courts if you need to appeal a court decision, become a legal guardian of a minor or operate as a fiduciary of an estate.

    What Do Vermont Surety Bonds Cost?

    Surety bonds generally cost 1-15% of the required bond amount. Costs vary significantly depending on the bond amount you need and your rate (which is the percentage of the full bond amount you must pay). You can get an instant estimate by using our bond premium calculator, or apply online to get a firm surety bond quote.

    Can You Get Bonded with Bad Credit?

    It’s possible to get surety bonds with bad credit, but it will depend on the bond type you need and how severe your credit issues are. You can get approved for most license and permit bonds with bad credit. However, it is more difficult to get contract bonds with credit issues.

    Frequent Questions

    What is the process to obtain the bond?

    Apply, get approved online, submit the indemnity agreement, and pay for the bond online. Then we will ship the original bond to you using your preferred method of shipping.

    Can I get this bond with bad credit?

    Yes. We have exclusive programs that allow us to write these bonds, even if you have credit issues. You can apply and get a quote instantly.

    Does it matter where I get my bond?

    Yes. Due to the large volume of bonds written, we provide the lowest rates possible. Apply on our website and receive an online approval instantly.

    What if a false claim is filed?

    You need to contact the surety company's claims department and present proof that the claim is false.

    Do all states require a bond?

    No, many do not. You can view our full list of state bond requirements. It is also wise to contact your state directly to determine any requirements youm ust meet.

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