How to get the lowest rate on your license bond

Transcript: Getting The Lowest License & Permit Surety Bond Rate

Woman: I'm told I need a commercial surety bond, but how do I get the best rate possible?

JW: It depends on who you work with. Usually bond underwriters will look at the owners' personal credit, their experience, business financials, as well as several other items. If just one of those items aren't considered excellent, you will likely see a very high rate, even if you have excellent personal credit.

Woman: Oh boy...Do any companies offer an easier process?

JW: As the largest surety company in the U.S., JW Surety Bonds has exclusive bond programs that only look at the owners' credit. So if you work with JW, you just need to focus on increasing your credit score. No complicated underwriting algorithms. Just strait forward pricing!

Woman: My credit is a little beat up these days.

JW: Not to worry. In the bond world, there is strength in numbers! The massive volume of bonds written by JW allows for the lowest rates possible, even if your credit isn't perfect.

Woman: Great! How do I start?

JW: It's simple. Just apply online. Most bonds are approved instantly online so it is as easy as shopping online for auto insurance.

Woman: Thank you so much. I'm going to see what I can do to improve my credit to lower my rate for next year and get my quote for this year right now.

JW: No problem. Be sure to check out the other informative videos on our site. They should help you to become more comfortable with bonds in general.

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