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How To Get A Surety Bond

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Surety Bond Process: How To Get Started

Woman: The government told me I need a bond to open my business, but I don't know where to start.

JW: Don't worry, most are unfamiliar with surety bonding. Let me tell you what steps to take and provide an overview of the process.

Woman: That'd be great!

JW: We first need to determine what type of bond you need. You said that it is a bond required by the government to open your business. This tells me that it is not a bond for a specific job or contract, and it's not a bond required by the courts. That means you are in need of a license and permit bond or miscellaneous commercial surety bond. Now that you know that, you can get an instant quote on our website.

Woman: Excellent! What is the remaining process after I receive a quote?

JW: It's easy. From there, you simply pay online, sign the bonding company's indemnity agreement, and you'll receive your bond.

Woman: That sounds pretty straightforward, but can you tell me what an indemnity agreement is?

JW: I'm glad you asked. It's important that you realize the bond does not protect you at all and claims can cost you big time!

Woman: Are you serious?!?

JW: Yes I am, but you'll need to join me on our videos "What Are Surety Bonds?" and "Why You Need To Avoid Claims At All Costs" for more information.