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Security Bond Guide

"Security bond" is a mispronunciation of surety bond, and is generally used by individuals who are unsure of what bond type they need. The resources below will help guide you to the bond type you are looking for.


  • What is a security bond?
  • It is usually a mispronunciation of surety bond, which is a guarantee obligations will be met. There are hundreds of different surety bond types required such as contract bonds to guarantee a contract, court bonds required by law or the court and license & permit bonds that guarantee regulations for various occupations will be followed.

    However, when an individual uses the term "security bond", they are sometimes referring to a specific surety bond required of security services by various states to operate legally, which is where some of the confusion originates. For this specific surety bond, you can apply online to get an instant quote.

    Fidelity bonds are another possibility, which protect you or your clients from employee dishonesty such as theft. They are generally not required to operate legally. Apply to get approved online.

  • How much is a surety bond?
  • Costs will vary dramatically by the bond category, applicant and bond amount. You can use our tool to get a ten second estimate, or apply directly on our website to get an exact price. Check out our video to learn more about the costs of surety bonds.

  • How do I know if I need a bond?
  • You only need one if it is being required of you. Surety bonds are required to operate and guarantee you will abide by the bond terms. On the other hand, fidelity bonds are usually optional and protect against employee dishonesty.

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