Wyoming Surety Bond Requirement Changes

In the state of Wyoming, there were a couple changes when it comes to surety bonds in the last few months. The first change concerns circuit court judges and magistrates. A new law, named HB 123 repeals the original $5,000 surety bond required of circuit court judges and the $1,000 surety bond required of magistrates. Since these small bond amounts were only covering a maximum of $5,000, this change should not have a big impact.

The second change is an increased bond amount. The new law is labeled HB 15 and boosts the surety bond required of the treasurer of the board of directors of a county weed and pest control district from $3,000 to $50,000. This is a substantial increase being the original bond requirement only covered $3,000 of potential damages while the new requirement covers up to $50,000.