West Virginia Mortgage Broker Bond

Mortgage lenders and brokers must follow new requirements that were set in West Virginia State. The new law is named HB 4285 and authorizes any individual that is not subject[...]

West Virginia Gaming Facility Bond

A new West Virginia law has affected gaming facilities within the state. The new law is labeled SB 575 and modifies the surety bond requirement for gaming facilities. The present[...]

West Virginia Discount Medical Provider Bond

West Virginia has a new enactment for medical discount providers referred to as HB 4404. The law requires a surety bond equal to or more than $35,000 to be posted[...]

West Virginia Public Funds Depository Bond

There is a new depository bond law in the state of West Virginia called HB 4692. The law provides an alternative to the depository bond requirements for public funds belonging[...]

West Virginia Mortgage Lender License Bond Amendment

On 03/27/2008, the state of West Virginia enacted SB 292. The new law authorizes the Commissioner of Banking to make a claim for an unpaid civil administrative penalty or an[...]