You're Selling Alcohol in Utah; You Need A Surety Bond

The State of Utah has enacted a new bill concerning the selling and storing of alcoholic beverages. The bill, which is named SB 314, requires individuals who store, sell or[...]

Utah Guest Worker Permit Bond

Utah State has enacted a new bill concerning guest worker programs. The new bill, which is named HB 116, creates a guest worker program relating to a revamp of Utah’s[...]

Utah Public Official Bond Update

Several public officials in the state of Utah no longer need to worry about surety bonds. The new bill, labeled HB 40, terminates multiple public official bond requirements and allows[...]

Utah Highway Construction Revision

Utah State legislators have been working on a bill that impacts highway construction projects within the state. The new bill is named HB 296 and authorizes local highway authorities who[...]

Utah Canceling Hundreds of Public Official Bonds

Utah legislatures seem to be trimming off quite a few surety bond requirements for various state officials. The officials that no longer need bonds to work legally include the treasurer[...]