Oklahoma Workers Compensation Bond

New surety legislation provides an option for employers in Oklahoma State. The new law is named SB 878 and allows employers to act as self-insurers. Employers that choose to self-insure[...]

Oklahoma Service Contract Bond

Oklahoma State has enacted a new bill concerning the surety industry. The new bill is named SB 780 and requires the service contract provider to obtain a surety bond or[...]

Oklahoma Water Supply Construction Bond

Oklahoma State has revised requirements currently in place regarding water supply construction permits. The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality has adopted modified regulations for public water supply construction which requires[...]

Oklahoma Carbon Dioxide Injection Well Bond

SB 610 is a new bill implemented in the State of Oklahoma relating to carbon dioxide injection wells. The new bill permits the Oklahoma Corporations Commission and the Department of[...]

Oklahoma Tobacco Manufacturer Bond

SB 608 is a new Oklahoma State law relating to “nonparticipating tobacco manufacturers” that was enacted this year. The new law requires “nonparticipating tobacco manufacturers” to acquire a surety bond[...]