21 Century Construction Mistakes: Curious Cases in the USA

Construction failures, if not too tragic in their nature, can cause a certain amusement in some quarters. It certainly does seem inexplicable how projects costing millions of dollars can omit[...]

New Jersey Off-Track Wagering Facility Bond

The State of New Jersey has enacted a new law concerning off-track wagering facilities. The new law is named SB 3185 and requires a $1MM surety bond of off-track wagering[...]

New Jersey School Board Bond

New Jersey State enacted a new bill relating to local school boards. The new bill is named SB 1287 states that local school boards lacking a treasurer of school funds[...]

New Jersey Mortgage Broker Bond

The state of New Jersey introduced a new law concerning residential mortgage brokers. The new law, which is named AB 3186, requires residential mortgage lenders and brokers to acquire a[...]

New Jersey Recreational Vehicle Dealer Bond

In the state of New Jersey, a new law was enacted regarding vehicle sales. The new law, titled SB 521, decreases the required surety bond amount to perform an off-site[...]

New Jersey Driving School Bond

One of the requirements for obtaining a Driving School License from The New Jersey MVC (Motor Vehicle Commission) is to obtain a $10,000 Surety Bond. The Motor Vehicle Commission handles[...]