Nevada Wedding Chapel Bond

Wedding chapels in Nevada can now issue marriage licenses thanks to surety bonds. A new bill titled SB 381 allows counties with less than a 100,000 populace to authorize commercial[...]

Nevada Automobile Wrecker Bond

The state of Nevada has enacted a new law relating to automobile wreckers. The new law is titled AB 204 and states that an automobile wrecker can utilize the new[...]

Nevada Tobacco Manufacturer Bond

Certain Nevada tobacco manufacturers are subject to new surety legislation. The new law is named SB 79 and requires certain nonparticipating tobacco manufacturers to acquire a surety bond in order[...]

Nevada Mortgage Broker Bond Update

Nevada mortgage broker surety requirements have been changed due to a new bill. The bill is labeled AB 77 and alters the bond amount required of mortgage brokers. The previous[...]

Unpredictable Job Meets Flexible Bond

Construction jobs tend to be costly and often unpredictable. This is why a surety bond is typically required for construction projects, especially when they are substantial undertakings. It has been[...]

Nevada Off-Highway Vehicle Dealer Bond

There is a new bill that was enacted concerning off-highway vehicle dealers in Nevada State. Named SB 394, the new law requires a $50,000 surety bond from a corporate surety[...]