Nebraska Real Estate Appraisal Management Company Bond

New surety legislation was recently enacted in Nebraska. The new legislation is named LB 410 and concerns real estate appraisal management companies; they are now required to acquire a $25,000[...]

Nebraska Conservator Bond Update

Legislators in Nebraska have enacted a new law affecting conservators. The new law, which is named LB 157, changes the surety bond requirement for conservators. LB 157 states that a[...]

Nebraska Real Estate Appraisal Bonds

Nebraska legislators have recently enacted a new surety bond requirement concerning real estate appraisal management companies. The new law is named LB 410 and requires all real estate appraisal management[...]

Nebraska Real Estate Appraisal Bond

Nebraska state legislatures have recently been working on legislation concerning real estate appraisal companies and surety bond requirements. A new law was enacted, named LB 410, which requires real estate[...]

Nebraska State Employee Bond

LB 722 is a new bill that was presented concerning all state employees within the State of Nebraska. The new bill alters the present surety bond requirements for all state[...]