Missouri Grain Dealer Bond Update

Missouri State has put forth new legislation this summer concerning grain dealers. The new law is named SB 356/HB 458 and it changes the surety bond required of grain dealers.[...]

$27MM Fraud Scheme Doubles Missouri Surety Bond

When choosing a company to do business with, it’s difficult to tell whether or not it’s a credible one; even after doing research and looking in to an organizations history,[...]

Politicians Make The Right Move For Kansas City Royals

Jackson County politicians have avoided a big hurdle regarding the Kansas City Truman Sports Complex renovations. The Truman Sports Complex, home of the Kansas City Royals, almost lost hundreds of[...]

Missouri Real Estate Appraisal Management Bond

HB 1692 is a new law that was enacted in Missouri State relating to real estate appraisal management companies. The new legislation requires real estate appraisal management companies to acquire[...]

Missouri Financial Officer Bond

New legislation was enacted regarding charter school financial officers in the state of Missouri. The new law, which is referred to as SB 291 authorizes the chief financial officer of[...]

Missouri Mortgage Originator Bond

The state of Missouri has implemented a new bill concerning mortgage originators. The new bill is named HB 382 and requires mortgage originators to be licensed and to be covered[...]