Mississippi Proprietary School Bond Update

Mississippi legislators have enacted a new bill that concerns proprietary schools within the state. The new bill is named SB 2771 and modifies the surety bond requirements for proprietary schools[...]

Mississippi Public Official Bond

Members of the Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology must obtain larger bonds as a result of new legislation. The bill, which is labeled SB 2766, boosts the minimum surety bond[...]

Mississippi Money Transmitter Bond

SB 2652 is new legislation that was enacted in the State of Mississippi regarding sellers of checks. The new law alters the quantity of the surety bond required for sellers[...]

Mississippi Money Transmitter Bond

Money transmitters must abide by a new law that was presented in Mississippi State. The new law is named SB 2652 and alters the quantity of the surety bond required[...]

Mississippi Municipality Tax Bond

A new law was introduced affecting municipalities in the state of Mississippi. The new law which is referred to as SB 3268 allows municipalities in Mississippi with a population of[...]

Mississippi Public Official Bond Update

Mississippi State enacted a new bill relating to update for public official and employee surety bonds. The new law is named SB 3050 and requires various public official and public[...]