Minnesota Contractor License Bond Update

New surety legislation was enacted concerning Minnesota plumbers. The new law is named SB 2 and modifies the surety bond requirements for plumbers; the previous legislation required all licensed contractors[...]

Minnesota Alcohol Distillery Bond

Some distilleries operating out of Minnesota must abide by new surety bond requirements that were recently put in place. The new law is titled HB 1326 and requires micro-distilleries of[...]

Minnesota Contractor License Bond

Plumbers and household installers within the State of Minnesota must abide by a new bill that was recently enacted. The new bill is titled SB 2510 and modifies numerous surety[...]

Minnesota Consumer Collection Agency Bond

Consumer collection agencies must abide by a new law according to Minnesota State legislation. The new law is named SB 2839 and amplifies the surety bond amount required of consumer[...]

Minnesota Mortgage Loan Originator Bond

The State of Minnesota enacted a new law concerning mortgage loan originators. The new law is named SB 2510 and requires mortgage loan originators to acquire a surety bond, either[...]

Minnesota Post-Secondary Institution Bond

SB 184 is a new law that was presented in Minnesota State relating to post-secondary institutions. The new law authorizes alternative types of security for the present surety bond required[...]