Massachusetts Treasurer Bond

A new bill in the State of Massachusetts was enacted relating to the Sandwich Economic Initiative Corporation. The new bill is named SB 2073 and produces the Sandwich Economic Initiative[...]

Massachusetts Mortgage Broker Bond

HB 4178 is a new bill that was enacted in Massachusetts relating to mortgage loan originators. The new bill requires mortgage loan originators to be covered under a surety bond[...]

Massachusetts Energy Savings Performance Bond

A new law was enacted concerning guaranteed energy savings contracts in the state of Massachusetts. The new law, SB 2768, demands a performance bond for all guaranteed energy savings contracts.[...]

Massachusetts Regional Education Center Public Official Bond

The state of Massachusetts enacted a new law concerning public officials and regional education. The new law, titled SB 53, institutes a regional education training and skills center in the[...]

Massachusetts Walpole Economic Development and Industrial Corporation Board of Directors Bond

SB 2786, a new Massachusetts state law, establishes the Walpole Economic Development and Industrial Corporation for the Town of Walpole. The Walpole Economic Development and Industrial Corporation was set up[...]

Massachusetts Public Official Bond

In Massachusetts, a new law was introduced on 09/26/2007 regarding public officials in the state. The new law, SB 2344, establishes the Whitin Reservoir Watershed District within the Town of[...]