Kentucky Real Estate Appraisal Management Company Bond

Real estate appraisal management companies in Kentucky now must obtain a surety bond in order to operate legally because of a new law. The new law is named HB 288[...]

Kentucky Surety Bond For Radon Measurement

The state of Kentucky has enacted a bill concerning radon measurement professionals. The new law is titled HB 247 and requires radon mitigation/measurement professionals to obtain a $10,000 surety bond[...]

Kentucky Grain Dealer Bond Update

Kentucky grain dealers/warehouseman are affected by a revised bill that was recently enacted. The bill is titled HB 221 and modifies the bond requirements for grain warehousemen and grain dealers.[...]

Public Official Bond Saves County Thousands

Surety bonds exist to guarantee that rules will be followed. More specifically, public official bonds exist to guarantee that officials such as treasurers, judges, tax collectors, sheriffs, etc. will perform[...]

Kentucky Contractor License Bond

There are new contractor license bond requirements to follow in Kentucky State. A new bill named HB 247 requires radon mitigation and measurement professionals to acquire a $10,000 surety bond[...]