Idaho Proprietary School Bond

Idaho legislation has changed concerning proprietary schools. The previous law required these schools to acquire a surety bond that could be no less than the total tuition and fees that[...]

Idaho Combat Sports Promoters Bond

Promoters of combat sport matches will be affected by a new bill in the state of Idaho. The Idaho State Athletic Commission has implemented rules to enact the bill, HB[...]

Idaho Proprietary School Bond Revision

Proprietary schools will be affected by changes to current law in the state of Idaho. The Idaho Board of Education implemented temporary rules to revise the present regulations for proprietary[...]

Idaho Proprietary School Bond

A new law was enacted in the state of Idaho titled SB 1012 concerning proprietary schools. The new law alters the present law regarding proprietary schools by eradicating the surety[...]

Idaho Mortgage Broker Bond

Both mortgage brokers and lenders within the state of Idaho must follow new legislation. Named HB 169, the new law was introduced on 2/18/2009 and abolishes the existing surety bond[...]

Idaho Boxing Promoters Bond

Promoters of action sports such as boxing have a new law to abide by in the state of Idaho. The new law, named HB 32, authorizes other types of security[...]