$75K Property Broker Bond Filings Begin, Unaffected By Government Shutdown

As of this morning (10/1/13), the FMCSA is accepting electronic filings on the new $75,000 freight broker bond requirement. The FMCSA previously stated that electronic filings could be processed by[...]

AIPBA Asserts $75K Property Broker Bond Program Too Good To Be True

James Lamb, President of the Association of Independent Property Brokers & Agents (AIPBA) recently expressed his belief that the JW Surety Bonds $75K freight broker bond offer is simply too[...]

Beware of MAP-21 “Patch” Products

The freight broker bond increase to $75,000 is upon us. The FMCSA stated they are allowing for a 60 day compliance window due to the near certain log jam of[...]

A Closer Look At MAP-21’s Effect On Freight Brokers

Earlier this week, we reported on the increase seen in freight brokers listed in the FMCSA database.  As many within the freight industry know, this is a mixed bag, as[...]

Active Freight Brokers Increase Despite Pending Map-21 $75,000 Bond Requirement

Many within the transportation industry have argued that MAP-21’s bond increase to $75,000 would put many brokers out of business due to an unobtainable bond requirement. According to statistics provided[...]

Carriers Requiring $75K Bond Of Brokers By Oct. 1st To Do Business

There has been confusion as to whether freight brokers need their bond by 10/1 or 12/1.  What is clear is that many carriers working with brokers are requiring them to[...]