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Surety Bond Weeds Out Shady Auto Dealer

Surety bonds help separate legitimate businesses from disreputable ones. When a company cannot or avoids obtaining bonds needed to run a legal business, it’s usually a bad sign. (more…)

Florida Public Official Bond

Trustees of the new Citrus County Hospital Board are impacted by a new bill in Florida. The bill is named HB 1043 and establishes the Citrus County Hospital Board in which all of the trustees of the Board must obtain bonds. Each trustee must acquire a $5,000 bond. The new law became active July 1, 2011.

Proposed Florida Contractor Bond Revision

The state of Florida has proposed a new rule for electrical contractors. The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation suggested removing the alternative of a letter of credit as opposed to a surety bond which current law allows. The present law requires contractors to acquire a performance or payment bond of at least $10,000 for specialty certifications and at least $25,000 for an unlimited electrical or alarm certification. The suggested rule would also terminate the need for a surety company to supply a letter declaring that it would write the required surety bond for the contractor.

Attorney’s Abusing Sureties And Florida Auto Dealers

Surety bonds are important to thousands of American businesses ranging from health clubs to auto dealers; for many, a surety bond is required of them in order to operate their business legally. Unfortunately for Florida auto dealers, surety companies may pull out of the state all together due to attorney’s exploiting state law to feed their own monetary appetite. (more…)

Florida Surety Bond Rate Filing Revision

The state of Florida has enacted new legislation that broadens the exclusion concerning commercial insurance and filing requirements. The new law, which is named SB 99, exempts surety from the rate filing requirements; but keep in mind that surety is different from traditional insurance; also affected is burglary and theft.

Republicans Push To Deregulate & Remove Consumer Protection Acts

When looking for a company to provide a service, anything from purchasing your new car to planning your next vacation, it’s important to know that you’re dealing with a legitimate one. Certain rules are in place in order to dodge sketchy businesses; some Florida legislators are working to pass a new law that terminates these safeguards that are there to help protect the public.