Connecticut Vehicle Operator Bond Update

The state of Connecticut has put forth new legislation concerning vehicle operators. The new law is named HB 6581 and removes the surety bond required of vehicle operators attempting to[...]

Connecticut Mortgage Broker, Lender and Originator Bond Update

Connecticut mortgage brokers, lenders and originators must abide by a revised bond amount requirement. The new bill is titled SB 1110 and modifies the current licensing laws for mortgage lenders,[...]

Connecticut Public Official Bond

A new bill was recently enacted concerning the Connecticut Airport Authority. The new bill is titled SB 1003 and requires the members of the Board of Directors for the Connecticut[...]

Connecticut Dissuades Fraudulent Debt Consolidators In Down Economy

There will always be dishonest people looking for an easy buck in this world, which means there will always be scams right around the corner that you should watch for.[...]