Colorado Debt Management Bond Update

New surety bond legislation was recently enacted in Colorado State. The new law is named HB 1206 and requires surety companies to provide written notification to the Attorney General upon[...]

Colorado Retail Gaming Bond

Retail Gaming licensees are affected by new regulations that were recently put in to place; more specifically The Colorado Department of Revenue has implemented new rules regarding gaming taxes. The[...]

Reading, Writing, Reefer And Surety

The Department of Revenue is looking to make some changes to medical marijuana patient privacy in Colorado which is making both patients and the Cannabis Therapy Institute uneasy. According to[...]

Colorado Waste Tire Facility Operator Bond

A new bill was presented in the State of Colorado concerning waste tire facility operators. The new bill, which is named HB 1018, requires waste tire facility operators to register[...]

Colorado Tourism Authority Bond

In Colorado, a new law was enacted relating to regional tourism authorities. The new law, labeled SB 173, authorizes local governments to produce regional tourism authorities and to deposit their[...]