Arizona Appeal Bond Revision

Arizona State legislators recently made modifications to the state’s court bond requirements; specifically concerning appeal bonds. The new bill is named SB 1212 and modifies the cap on an appeal[...]

Arizona Real Property Appraisal Management Bond

The State of Arizona enacted new legislation relating to real property appraisal management companies. The new law, which is referred to as SB 1351, requires real property appraisal management companies[...]

Arizona Mortgage Broker Bond

On 02/04/2009, a new law was introduced pertaining to Arizonian mortgage brokers. HB 2486 now has commercial mortgage brokers abiding by existing law which regulates residential mortgage brokers. HB 2486[...]

Arizona Mortgage Originator Bond Requirement Update

Arizona state has written a new bill relating to new mortgage originator requirements. The new bill, HB 2143, requires mortgage originators to be employed by a mortgage banker, mortgage broker[...]

Arizona Flood Protection Facility Performance Bond

SB1289, enacted on April 28, 2008 and made effective October 10, 2008, created flood protection districts and a Board of Directors for each district to construct flood protection facilities. The[...]