Alabama Fuel Tax Bond Update

Motor fuel tax laws have been revamped in Alabama by a new bill. The bill is named HB 399 and states that suppliers, permissive suppliers and terminal operators must obtain[...]

Alabama Real Estate Appraisal Company Bond

Alabama real estate appraisal management companies have new legislation to abide by. The new law is titled SB 320 and requires real estate appraisal management companies to obtain a $25,000[...]

Alabama Carbon Dioxide Injection Well Bond

Anyone working with injection wells in the state of Alabama may have to meet a new requirement in the near future. The Alabama Department of Environmental Management has suggested new[...]

Phony Surety Bond Costs Church Thousands

Construction work is full of risk being there is so much that can go wrong. A big risk relating to construction work involves the threat of deceitful contractors. Some contractors[...]

Alabama Emergency Telephone District Bond

Alabama State enacted a new bill concerning officials of an emergency telephone district. The new bill, which is referred to as HB 188, requires the members of staff or officials[...]