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Tobacco Distributors - Only the Strong Survive

This post is an entry for our $25,000 scholarship contest. The post was created by Jimmy Semrick and may not always reflect the views of JW Surety Bonds. In the midst[...]

Nevada Tobacco Manufacturer Bond

Certain Nevada tobacco manufacturers are subject to new surety legislation. The new law is named SB 79 and requires certain nonparticipating tobacco manufacturers to acquire a surety bond in order[...]

Arkansas Tobacco Manufacturer Bond

Tobacco manufacturers in Arkansas are affected by a new law that was recently enacted. The new law, which is named HB 1950, requires tobacco manufacturers who aren’t part of the[...]

Virginia Tobacco Manufacturer Bond

The state of Virginia has updated the bond requirements for tobacco manufacturers. The new bill is titled SB 1268 and changes the bond requirement by having tobacco manufacturers calculate the[...]

Arkansas Tobacco Manufacturer Bond

Arkansas tobacco manufacturers have a new bond requirement to abide by thanks to a new bill named HB 1950. The new bill requires all tobacco manufacturers that aren’t participating in[...]

Tennessee Tobacco Manufacturer Bond

Tennessee State introduced a new law relating to tobacco manufacturers. The new law is referred to as SB 2169 and requires non-participating manufacturers that are not included in the directory[...]