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Articles on this increasingly harder to place surety bond. Where and how to obtain the lowest rates and other telephone solicitor specific and general information.


Surety Industry Deceptively Booming Despite Recession

The world of surety seems to be doing just fine amidst the down economy. There are still a lot of construction jobs available and many bonds to be written; but could the healthy appearance of the surety industry be somewhat of an illusion?


Public Officials Blindly Writing Surety Law

Legislatures in Texas have enacted a new law directly affecting the surety bond industry. When one looks at the changes included in the bill, it’s hard to see what it actually accomplishes; it raises the question of whether the legislators writing laws affecting the world of surety have adequate knowledge of the industry.


Surety Bonds: Moving From Paper To The Digital Age

The surety bond industry has been stubborn when it comes to any kind of change. For the most part, things have been done the same way for years while ignoring technological advances. As of recent, companies have begun to embrace the digital age and have been harnessing it to improve and evolve the industry.


Republicans Push To Deregulate & Remove Consumer Protection Acts

When looking for a company to provide a service, anything from purchasing your new car to planning your next vacation, it’s important to know that you’re dealing with a legitimate one. Certain rules are in place in order to dodge sketchy businesses; some Florida legislators are working to pass a new law that terminates these read more »


Surety Bond Rate Shock, When Low Rates Go Sky High

There are countless clients calling us at JW Surety Bonds who are surprised and even frustrated when they find out how much a bond will cost them. Many of these customers have had bonds years ago claiming they only had to pay a fraction of what they are being asked to pay these days; what read more »


Understanding the Surety Process

The surety underwriting procedure can often be viewed as being an agonizing ordeal for insurance agents as well as applicants needing to obtain bonds. Many times, the entire process can be very aggravating and stressful if an applicant is under a specific deadline or needs a bond very quickly. Here are some items that the read more »