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Georgia Driver Training Schools Need Bigger Bonds

Driver training schools in Georgia already need a surety bond to become licensed; now they need a bigger bond thanks to a new bill. The new bill is named HB[...]

Mississippi Proprietary School Bond Update

Mississippi legislators have enacted a new bill that concerns proprietary schools within the state. The new bill is named SB 2771 and modifies the surety bond requirements for proprietary schools[...]

New Hampshire School Bond

Postsecondary schools in New Hampshire are affected by a new law that was enacted this past June. The new law is named HB 2 and requires a private postsecondary career[...]

Idaho Proprietary School Bond

Idaho legislation has changed concerning proprietary schools. The previous law required these schools to acquire a surety bond that could be no less than the total tuition and fees that[...]

Idaho Proprietary School Bond Revision

Proprietary schools will be affected by changes to current law in the state of Idaho. The Idaho Board of Education implemented temporary rules to revise the present regulations for proprietary[...]

Georgia Driver Training School Bond Update

Legislators in the State of Georgia have implemented a new surety bond bill concerning driver training schools. The new bill, which is titled HB 269, raises the current surety bond[...]