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Texas Public Official Bond

Deputy Constables in Texas no longer need to worry about individual public official surety bonds. A new law was enacted named HB 1241 allowing the use of blanket bonds which[...]

Virginia Public Official Bond Update

Surety law in Virginia has been modified thanks to a new bill. The new bill is named HB 1852 and changed the surety bond amounts required of the Adjutant General[...]

Utah Public Official Bond Update

Several public officials in the state of Utah no longer need to worry about surety bonds. The new bill, labeled HB 40, terminates multiple public official bond requirements and allows[...]

Surety Bond Protects County From Losing Thousands

Not many people know what a public official bond is. Public official bonds ensure that individuals serving the public such as tax collectors or judges follow the rules of their[...]

Indiana Public Official Bond Update

Various public officials in Indiana are affected by new surety legislation recently put in place. The new law is named HB 1025 and revokes the requirement that makes various public[...]

Georgia Public Official Bond

The state of Georgia has enacted a new law affecting the Georgia Department of Transportation. The new law, which is named HB 137, terminates the $500,000 surety bond previously required[...]