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Articles and links to unique mortgage broker programs that are exclusively written by JW Bond Consultants. Also, articles listing state requirements and current surety bond market trends with industry professional perspectives.


Baby Boomers Turn to Reverse Mortgage, Big Banks Back Out

aag_photos / Foter / CC BY-SA Since the recession started several years ago, the reversed mortgage has been rarely taken advantage of as a financial product. Today, however, a good number of U.S. baby boomers are turning to it as a source of retirement income. In a situation when many retirees haven’t saved enough to read more »


Out and about: Real estate and mortgage lending trends in 2014

After a dynamic and rather positive 2013 for the real estate business, how is 2014 shaping up?  The general vibe seems quite positive. Although the housing market has not recovered as fast as many would have wished, it is in an advanced stage of revival. The process is tightly linked to growing employment and economic read more »


Surety bonds renewal deadlines are approaching with the end of the year

It’s the end of the year again, and along with the looming end of the holiday season, quite a lot of surety bonds are due to expire on December 31. This should not ruin your holiday mood because with JW Surety Bonds you can renew your bonds very quickly and conveniently while saving on costs. read more »


An easier start for mortgage brokers in Texas: how to save on your licensing process

When it comes to licensing a new mortgage brokering business, everybody is aware that there are some administrative steps involved, as well as considerable costs. Thus, it is important to know how and where to start from, so that the path is smoother and less cumbersome. It is also useful to see at which points read more »


Lowering the Surety Bond Price for Your Mortgage Brokering License in Georgia: Mission Possible

It is not uncommon these days for mortgage brokers in Georgia to look for ways to save on administrative costs and insurances, especially when opening a new business in the current economic climate. When it comes down to a surety bond for obtaining a mortgage broker license, people usually think that the high costs cannot be read more »


Saving on Mortgage Licensing, even with Nationwide Coverage

You have a licensing project: to obtain a mortgage license in order to start operating as a mortgage broker. Of course, you have to go through the usual process of state business registration. On top of that, however, you will also need this specific state licensing, which is an additional factor in terms of time read more »