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Articles and legislative updates on surety bonds required of grain dealers and ware-housemen.


South Dakota Grain Warehousemen Bond Update

The state of South Dakota has enacted a new surety bond claim procedure for warehouseman bonds. The new law is labeled HB 1036 and modifies the claim procedure for bonds obtained by grain warehousemen. The present legislation requires anyone who intends to file a claim on a grain warehousemen’s bond to inform the Public Utilities read more »


Texas Public Warehouse Grain Operator Bond

Texas legislators have been busy in the past year enacting new surety laws. This particular law affects public warehouse grain operators. The new law is titled SB 248 and boosts the required


South Dakota Grain Warehouseman Bond Update

South Dakota enacted a new bill concerning grain warehouseman. The new bill is named HB 1016 and declares that claims can only be made against a grain warehouseman or grain buyer’s bond if the individual informs the Public Utilities Commission, which must specify that it’s not taking an action against the surety bond.


Kentucky Grain Dealer Bond Update

Kentucky grain dealers/warehouseman are affected by a revised bill that was recently enacted. The bill is titled HB 221 and modifies the bond requirements for grain warehousemen and grain dealers. The previous legislation required a surety bond of at least twenty-five cents per bushel of the total maximum bushel capacity of the warehouse or $10,000, read more »


Missouri Grain Dealer Bond Update

Missouri State has put forth new legislation this summer concerning grain dealers. The new law is named SB 356/HB 458 and it changes the surety bond required of grain dealers. The previous legislation required at least a $20,000 bond and could not surpass $300,000. Due to a the biggest grain dealer fraud scheme in Missouri read more »


South Dakota Grain Purchaser Bond

South Dakota State implemented a new law affecting grain buyers within said state. The new law is titled SB 55 and boosts the quantity of the surety bond required in relation to licensure as a grain buyer. Under the present law, there are two license classifications, Class A and Class B. A surety bond is read more »