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General surety bond information, including all types of surety bonds, rate information, market trends, etc.


Bonding Insurance Explained

People who use phrases like “bonding insurance” or “insurance bonds” are often referring to fidelity bonds whether they know it or not. If you’re interested in bonding but are unsure about what options are available to you and what the benefits of each are, this guide will help steer you in the right direction.   What read more »


What Does It Mean To Be Bonded?

“Bonded”, “licensed and bonded”, and “bonded and insured” are all phrases you might see on the side of a contractor’s truck or on an auto dealer’s billboard. Business owners use these phrases for a marketing advantage over their competitors to show they are safe to do business with, but they all don’t necessarily mean the read more »


Surety Industry Deceptively Booming Despite Recession

The world of surety seems to be doing just fine amidst the down economy. There are still a lot of construction jobs available and many bonds to be written; but could the healthy appearance of the surety industry be somewhat of an illusion?


Public Officials Blindly Writing Surety Law

Legislatures in Texas have enacted a new law directly affecting the surety bond industry. When one looks at the changes included in the bill, it’s hard to see what it actually accomplishes; it raises the question of whether the legislators writing laws affecting the world of surety have adequate knowledge of the industry.


Florida Surety Bond Rate Filing Revision

The state of Florida has enacted new legislation that broadens the exclusion concerning commercial insurance and filing requirements. The new law, which is named SB 99, exempts surety from the rate filing requirements; but keep in mind that surety is different from traditional insurance; also affected is burglary and theft.


Republicans Push To Deregulate & Remove Consumer Protection Acts

When looking for a company to provide a service, anything from purchasing your new car to planning your next vacation, it’s important to know that you’re dealing with a legitimate one. Certain rules are in place in order to dodge sketchy businesses; some Florida legislators are working to pass a new law that terminates these read more »