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Discussing everything from probate bonds, guardianship bonds, appeal bonds, etc. Everything to do with court required surety bonds.


What Does It Mean To Be Bonded?

“Bonded”, “licensed and bonded”, and “bonded and insured” are all phrases you might see on the side of a contractor’s truck or on an auto dealer’s billboard. Business owners use these phrases for a marketing advantage over their competitors to show they are safe to do business with, but they all don’t necessarily mean the read more »


Nebraska Conservator Bond Update

Legislators in Nebraska have enacted a new law affecting conservators. The new law, which is named LB 157, changes the surety bond requirement for conservators. LB 157 states that a bond is only needed for estates worth more than $10,000. The new law will become effective January 1, 2012.


Public Officials Blindly Writing Surety Law

Legislatures in Texas have enacted a new law directly affecting the surety bond industry. When one looks at the changes included in the bill, it’s hard to see what it actually accomplishes; it raises the question of whether the legislators writing laws affecting the world of surety have adequate knowledge of the industry.


New Hampshire Executor Bond

Legislators in New Hampshire enacted new legislation concerning executor bonds. The new legislation is named HB 609 and states that when a person dies testate (with a valid will) and there is no surviving spouse leaving an only child as the sole beneficiary and administrator of an estate, a bond will not be required of read more »


Montana Appeal Bond Revision

Some changes have recently been made relating to surety bond requirements and civil court cases in Montana State. The revised requirement, which is named HB 342, boosts the cap on appeal bonds in civil cases. The original law capped the surety bond amount at $1MM when it came to businesses of 100 employees or less. read more »


Arizona Appeal Bond Revision

Arizona State legislators recently made modifications to the state’s court bond requirements; specifically concerning appeal bonds. The new bill is named SB 1212 and modifies the cap on an appeal bond that’s required to stay the execution of a judgment in civil actions. The previous legislation required a surety bond equivalent to the full quantity read more »