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Getting Your Freight Broker License: Bond vs. Trust Fund

Getting a bond or trust fund is a critical step on the path to becoming a freight broker (sometimes called a trucking broker). It’s a license requirement, meaning you can’t[...]

Montana Adopts NMLS for Mortgage Broker Bond Licensing Requirements

Rebecca Brown / Flickr / CC BY-NC Date Enacted:  February 17, 2015 Date Effective: October 1, 2015 This February, Montana SB 98 was enacted, revising the Montana Mortgage Act in relation to mortgage[...]

5 Easy Steps to Getting Your Trucking Authority & License

Are you thinking of opening your own freight brokerage? It’s a great time to do so with improving economic conditions across the US and currently low competition among brokers. Starting[...]

Top Freight Broker Training Schools

Are you considering opening your own freight brokerage business? If you have experience in the industry that’s great, but what should you do if you’re starting from ground zero? While[...]

How to Become a Great Freight Broker: Start with Your Business Plan

Making a great business plan is an essential step of any business, especially if you’re starting your own freight brokerage. There are many ways to get started. For example, the[...]

5 Reasons You Should Become a Freight Broker

It’s a fantastic time to become a freight broker, as several industry trends from 2013-2014 are coming together to make 2015 look great for the industry. Here’s why: Reason 1:[...]