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Boxing Promoters – Only in America…

This post is an entry for our $25,000 scholarship contest. The post was created by Drake Hills and may not always reflect the views of JW Surety Bonds. For 200 years,[...]

Idaho Combat Sports Promoters Bond

Promoters of combat sport matches will be affected by a new bill in the state of Idaho. The Idaho State Athletic Commission has implemented rules to enact the bill, HB[...]

Indiana Mixed Martials Art Promoters Bond

Legislation has been re-adopted relating to mixed martial arts promoters in Indiana State. The Indiana Gaming Commission has implemented rules under the name SB 160 (2009), which allowed the Commission[...]

Idaho Boxing Promoters Bond

Promoters of action sports such as boxing have a new law to abide by in the state of Idaho. The new law, named HB 32, authorizes other types of security[...]

Arkansas Combative Sports Bond

In the state of Arkansas, there was a new law introduced concerning “combative sports” events. Labeled HB 1785, it modifies the law for professional, semi-professional and amateur wrestling, boxing, kick[...]

Alabama Boxing Promoters License Bond

The state of Alabama enacted a new law on 05/21/2009 concerning the Boxing Commission. The new law, which is labeled SB 98, produces the Alabama Boxing Commission. SB 98 now[...]