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Articles and legislative updates on appeal bonds required by various courts.


Montana Appeal Bond Revision

Some changes have recently been made relating to surety bond requirements and civil court cases in Montana State. The revised requirement, which is named HB 342, boosts the cap on appeal bonds in civil cases. The original law capped the surety bond amount at $1MM when it came to businesses of 100 employees or less. read more »


Arizona Appeal Bond Revision

Arizona State legislators recently made modifications to the state’s court bond requirements; specifically concerning appeal bonds. The new bill is named SB 1212 and modifies the cap on an appeal bond that’s required to stay the execution of a judgment in civil actions. The previous legislation required a surety bond equivalent to the full quantity read more »


Florida Appeal Bond

Florida state added a new bill concerning a cap on appeal bonds. The new bill, titled SB 2198, modifies the present cap on appeal bonds for civil actions filed in relation to the state’s tobacco settlement agreement. The present law caps the appeal bonds at $100 million for appeals or discretionary appellate reviews for all read more »


Indiana Appeal Bond Requirement

The state of Indiana implemented a new law titled SB 307 which is concerning appeal bond requirements. The new law demands an appeal bond in the amount of $500 in case of a business licensed through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles desires to appeal the ultimate decision of the Secretary of State in court regarding read more »


Louisiana Appeal Bond Requirement Updated

On 06/25/2008, a new law was enacted in the state of Louisiana. Named SB 444, the new law prohibits political entities of the state, for example the Louisiana Insurance Guaranty Association, from the appeal bond requirements. The existing law already exempts other public entities from the requirements. SB 444 became active on August 15, 2008.


Rhode Island Appeal Bond Amendment

There is a new law involving appeal bonds classified as SB 2509. The new Rhode Island bill caps the supersedeas bond at $50 million for all appellants together despite the worth of the judgment; this is done to stay the carrying out of a judgment associated to the Master Settlement Agreement. SB 2509 became law read more »