Safety in the Construction Industry: An Infographic Explanation

Infographic by Viewpoint


The new Infographic, Safety in the Construction Industry shows that the top four fatal injuries in the construction industry for 2012 are falls (36%), being caught between objects (10%), electrocutions (9%) and being struck by objects (2%). The fatal four make up 57% of the reasons for construction deaths for 2012.

Statistics show that from 2002 and 2012, deaths in the construction industry have decreased, thus also contributing a smaller percentage to the overall number of deaths in the U.S.   Within these ten years, 19.5% of all deaths at work were in the construction field.

The most dangerous types of construction are engineering and building, with equipment and finishing following them.

The overall number of work fatalities in construction for 2012 were 775, which is the highest number of all industries.

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